Diving Services

The company performs a full range of diving work. To see more details please click each title.
A common aspect of Medway Diving Contractors' work. We have sucessfully completed several contracts recently including recovery of a sunken barge from a tidal river using a floating crane barge
salvage of 90 ton barge
Recovery of a crashed aircraft from a reservior using lift bags Recovery of crashed aircraft
We have also recovered a 180 ton barge with a total lifting weight of 450 tons from 11 metres water depth using floating sheer legs
recovery of 180 ton barge
Notable construction projects include a year long contract utilising two dive teams in Portsmouth Harbour laying rock mattresses and gabion walls. We have also supplied teams for construction projects at Littlebrook D, Grain A and Grain B Power Stations. Teams were also involved in the construction of the Medway Tunnel.
We carry out all kinds of survey work for a wide variety of clients. Most recently dive teams have completed a 3 month condition and pile thickness assessment of jetties and associated structures for an international oil company. We have also performed surveys for the 90MW Teesside Wind Farm Project.
We carry out ship repair work at any location for major shipping firms and ship classification societies. Bureau Veritas approves us for in water ship surveying and repair. After completing a survey of the Zeus we made repairs to a damaged rudder
repair to Zeus rudder
The company has been involved in ordinance investigation in Belgium, survey work in the Republic of Ireland involving dive teams and ROV surveys and supply of a support dive team and dive systems to the consulting engineer diver at an oil and gas terminal in Trinidad, West Indes.
Maintenance is a major element of our work and we operate in many varied industrial complexes including paper mills, oil refineries and power stations. Typically we are involved in silt removal and cleaning of river intakes, including placement of sealing doors.
We operate several constant volume diving systems for use in heavily polluted environments. These are used in paper mill effluent lagoons and raw sewerage chambers. One of our divers is shown here using this sytem to recover a rotor from a sewerage chamber.
Leatherhead Rotor Recovery
The company carries a full stock of confined space equipment including overhead and cantilever gantries, various configurations of man riding cages, confined space tripods with emergency recovery winches, gas detectors and forced air extractors and fans. We also carry a full range of confined space BA systems.